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Wingram's mission is to provide the world with environmental solutions to the increasingly prevalent problem of unsustainable plastics consumption. Wingram's core objective is to create and provide alternative solutions to conventional plastics at reasonable costs without sacrificing quality.

We believe in informed consumers, and this is something that is lacking in the bioplastics market at the moment. That is why we advocate strongly for the education of bioplastics and biodegradable products. As a commitment to this, all of our products and claims are certified and tested by top labs and institutions that regulate and standardize bioplastics. Our labs and institutions include: OWS (Belgium), Fraunhofer (Germany), DinCertco (Germany), BPI (USA), (Beta Analytic (USA), Intertek (UK).

Wingram's head office is located in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in China and a recycling plant in Malaysia. With over 10 years of experience within the bioplastics industry, Wingram has spent an abundance of time and resources into developing products that could potentially replace conventional plastics.


Some Of Our Products

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EcoPlantĀ®is registered and trademarked in the United States, European Union, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Our anaerobic additives for biodegradation (AAB) are biodegradable additives that accelerate the biodegradation of conventional plastics such as PP/PE plastics under anaerobic conditions. This product's environmental claims have been verified by an international, independent third-party testing, auditing and certification body and has achieved the Intertek Green Leaf Mark.

Water Soluble Plastics

Coming Soon! This is a project that has taken years of R&D. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more!

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